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Established in 2000, Advanced Electronics Energy Limited  (AEE) is an innovative  lithium-ion polymer battery company that handles R&D, manufacturing, trade and servicing in house. AEE is one of the leading Li-ion polymer batteries manufactures in China.  Located in Shunde's  Hi-tech  Industrial  District in Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, the manufacturing


premises covers an area of 30,000sq.m and contracts nearly 2000  employees  including a team of experienced battery specialists. The company is supported by a group of  international  R&D and aftersale support team which composed of doctorate, 100 over R&D and analysts' crews, 20 over senior engineers and 30 over engineers. The plant is equipped with fully automated manufacturing equipments as well as highly precision testing equipments. Yearly production volume is over 30 millions pieces of batteries; The power battery year quantity of delivery is situated the world front row with manufacturing facilities in Shunde, Guangxi and Shenzhen. To meet the market growth, we will continue ours aggressive expansions plan both in domestic and overseas.


AEE succeeded has solved the power battery core technologies problem: High Consistency  and Excellent  Safety Performance, Products'  performance  is leading  in domestics market  and  in  path  with  international  standards. Products are widely employed in digital products series (such  as  MP3/4, UPS, etc.),  high drain discharge series ( such as air modelingand power tool, etc.), notebook PC series, 18650 series, and power batt-ery series (such as electric-bikes, electric scooter and electric car, etc.). It sales cover 100 over countries world wide. With Sale and Services net-work established in South East Asia, Europe, Middle Eastand etc to deliver high quality products and services to cust-omers. To capture a bigger market shares,  multiple investment  plans and projects of expansion have been formulated.    


AEE  is always leading in technology to meet  market  challenges. This  year at Shunde's  manufacturing  site, expand the manufacturing area by 12,000 sqm equip  with fully  automated  new  production lines for  18650 and prismatic batteries. With  the expansions goal,  we plan to  become top 3 ranking  in  the China domestic battery industry  in three years and top 6 ranking in the world within 5 years. We have plans to expand manufacturing facilities locally and abroad, and had signed an agreement with Chongqing Municipality  to invest 3.5 billions to build the largest lithium-ion battery project in western China  with the annual sales value of over 7 billions.

In  2009,  Shenzhen LiYe Group had become the major shareholder of AEE. With it strong financial support, it able to built AEE into one of the top lithium battery manufa-cturer in the world. Shenzhen LiYe Group was inco-rporated in 1995.  After ten years of hard work,  LiYe Group has achieved rapid development, the net assets of up to 26 billion.  LiYe Group has grown to the current financial investments and at the same time have a real estate development,  power equipment manufacturing,  pharmaceutical and biological engineering, coal and chemical industry, a large comprehensive enterprise group. LiYe Group since its establishment, focus on financial investment,  have become the top ten  largest  shareholder  of Guangdong Development Bank,  the  largest  shareholder  of  Hualin Securities Company Ltd.  and the ninth largest share-holder of Ping An Insurance Group Co., Also invested in  Shenzhen  City Lixin company limited,  achieved good social benefits and  economic benefits.

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