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Digital battery

Digital battery

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AEE digital battery is introduced:
       AEE developed  MP3 lithium battery and  launched polymer lithium-ion battery for GPS earlier in the world .  We have resolved the high temperature problem and ensure battery performance during high temperature condition.It is capable of withstanding 85degC high temperature for 24 hours with no swelling problem.Small size, high capacity, excellent safety performance. Able to meet Vibration test, drop test, short circuit test, overcharge test and over-discharge test and achieve no fire, no explosion, no smoke, no breakage, no leakage and excellent charge retention capability: After standard charging and stored in standard environmental conditions for 30 days, AEE batteries able to achieve >90% discharge capacity at 0.2C discharge to 3.0V. BMS can be customized for various battery protection circuits such as charge and discharge management circuits, constant current constant voltage circuit, voltage regulator, step-up voltage Circuit and step-down voltage circuit used for Smartbook batteries, Smartpad batteries, MID battery, UMPC battery, PDA Battery, Netbook Battery, netbook battery and Tablet PC batteries
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