Stucture of Lithium ion battery

Five main materials: 1, cathode materials: lithium oxides 2, the negative electrode materials: carbon 3, the separator: PP, PE class 4, electrolyte: an organic electrolyte containing lithium salt 5, packaging: Aluminum foil, steel Shell, aluminum case

operation of Lithium ion battery
 Lithium ions move to and fro positive and negative electrodes during the charge and discharge processes. The first charge process is called activation 

SEI layer is formed on the Positive and negative electrode materials to form a stable interface.

remove majority of impurities

Form a stable electrochemical system

Activation process will consume some energy, constitute part of the irreversible capacity

 Quality of SEI layer largely determines the quality of the battery

Environmental impact: the best performance between 30-40 degrees, > 50 degree C performance deteriorated


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