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Company profile

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      Established In 2000, Advanced Electronics Energy Ltd. (abbreviation: AEE) is an innovative lithium-polymer battery company that Integrated with extensive R&D, manufacturing, commerce and service. AEE is the leading Li-polymer battery manufacturer in China. Located in Shunde's Hi-tech Industrial park In the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, the manufacturing premise covers an area of 30,000 sq.m. enjoys technical and sales support internationally. At AEE, we  have over 100 scientists and engineers in R&D and over20 senior engineers and over 30 manufacturing engineers and  over 2000 employee. The plant is equipped with fully automated production equipment, as well as high precision testing  equipment. Yearly production volume is over 30 million units of batteries, with manufacturing facilities In Shunde, Guang Xi Shenzhen.
    AEE succeeded in solving the power battery's core technical problem: High Consistency in quality and performance. and Excellent Safety Performance. Our products' performance is leading in the domestic markets and aligned with international standards.

Products are widely employed in digital products series ( such as smart phones, Pad, POS equipments, and tablet Pcs.. etc.) .high

drain discharge series (such as radio-controlled airplanes and power tool etc.).18650 series, and EV power battery series (such as

electric-bikes, electric scooter and electric car. etc.).Our sales cover over 100 countries. With Sale and Services network established in

South East Asia, Europe, Middle East and North  American to deliver high quality products and services to customers. To capture a

greater market share, multiple Investment plans and projects expansion have been formulated. AEE is always leading in technology

to meet market challenges. This year. at Shunde's manufacturing site. The manufacturing area expanded by 12,000 sq.m., with fully
automated new production lines for 18650 and prismatic batteries.
      In 2009,Shenzhen LiYe Group had become the major shareholder of AEE. With its strong financial support, AEE will become one

of the top lithium battery manufacturer in the world. Shenzhen LiYe Group was incorporated in 1995. After ten years of hard work,

LiYe Group has achieved rapid development, with net assets up to $26-billion RMB. LiYe Group has  grown in its current financial

investments, and at the same time it has real estate development effort, power equipment  manufacturing, pharmaceutical and

biological engineering, coal and chemical Industry. Since its establishment, the LiYe Group focused on financial investment, and has

become the top ten largest shareholder of Guangdong Development Bank, the largest shareholder of Hualin Securities Company Ltd.

and the ninth largest shareholder of Ping An Insurance Group Co; also invested in Shenzhen City Lixin company limited, achieved

good social benefits and economic benefits.