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Talent concept

Talent concept

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ADVANCED ELECTRONICS ENERGY LIMITED establishes the concept of "people-oriented", constantly deepens the reform of human resources

management system, creates a good environment for talent growth, speeds up the restructuring of the talent team, optimizes the

allocation of human resources, vigorously cultivates and introduces all kinds of talents urgently needed by the company's business

development, and establishes a talent training, selection, evaluation and incentive mechanism that meets the requirements of the

company's development. We should build a contingent of talents with reasonable structure, professional matching, sufficient quantity

and high quality.


The company provides competitive remuneration for employees in different positions and positions, and guarantees their legitimate

rights and interests, safety, rest, vacation and social insurance according to law. The company advocates the principle of giving priority

to efficiency and giving consideration to fairness, and encourages employees to work more and get more.


Companies adhere to people-oriented, build a harmonious development of corporate culture, fully protect the legitimate rights and

interests of employees of the team concept and code of conduct, all employees must act to safeguard the interests of the company,

social responsibility as the fundamental starting point.


Win-win Cooperation and Create a Future