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Cylinders battery

Cylinders battery

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Cylinder li-ion batteries introduction
      AEE is one of the first to develop the high capacity 2800mAh 18650 cylindrical batteries. We have various material systems such as; Improvised Lithium manganese oxide , Lithium iron phosphate, Lithium nickel manganese cobalt system. We have Different “Power Type” batteres with capacities from 1100mAh to 2200mAh and Full range of “Capacity Type” batteries with capacities from 1500 - 2800mAh. High safety standard is achieved with the use of nano technology to resolve the over- charging, short circuit, fire and explosion issues.       
A complete product range for cylinderical batteries: AEE 18650 cylinderical batteries includes; laptop battery, vehicle Power battery, high capacity battery and high power battery.
AEE 18650 will be the first to use the most advanced automation/high adaptability equipment, and unique explosion proof technology, to build the leading lithium battery brand in China production output 30K/daily
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