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R & D Center

R & D Center

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At present,by a 100 AEE existing development personnel, more than 30 engineer and 20 senior engineer of international research and development team Assistant General Manager, a Singaporean with numerous battery experience,  stringent management method and nevertheless pursuing excellent product quality.Technology Director has 10 years of lithium battery experience leading the strong R&D team continuously innovate and maintain competitiveness anticipate in the leading market. Quality Senior Manager, a Singaporean with over 10 years of quality management. With remarkable product quality,good quality process control and stringent control of product quality.Engineering Senior Manager  with many years of high standard automation experience.  Implemented high standard automations & processes to enhance quality and precision. Sales Director  with over 10 years of experience, very familiar with the market demand, persistent sales techniques & innovative sales model.
Under the leadership of the ChenGuangSen AEE r&d team, extremely rich combat effectiveness. They successfully solved the core technology of the power battery problem: the high consistency and high security, the product performance indicators in the domestic leading position, reaching the international advanced level. Widely used in digital series (such as MP3/4, UPS, etc.), high magnification series (rc toy, electric tools, etc), notebook series, 18650 series, power battery class (such as electric bicycles, motorcycles, cars, etc), sold all over the world 100 countries and regions.