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The company held a fire drill in 2019

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In response to the requirements of Shunde District Government and Ronggui Sub-district Office on safety production, the company further strengthened the fire safety awareness of employees and improved the ability to respond to emergencies. At 4 pm on March 21, the company organized the workshop supervisors and groups of the manufacturing department. Long and new employees conduct fire drills. First of all, the fire control personnel explained in detail from the introduction and use of fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting methods and precautions, fire hazards, emergency self-help common sense, etc., with high practicability and operability, enriching the fire protection knowledge of employees; Conducted actual drills and held a variety of fire extinguisher fire drills on the playground. The process emphasized the use of various fire extinguishers and precautions. The workshop personnel took turns to practice the operation until they mastered the use of fire extinguishers.

       The fire drill is designed to prevent problems before they happen. The company has always regarded safety as the top priority of the company. Safety production is the top priority of the company. The company holds fire protection training and drills from time to time, and passes fire protection knowledge training and on-site simulation exercises. To create a safe and harmonious working environment for the majority of employees.
In response to the requirements of Shunde District Government and Ronggui Sub-district Office on safety production, the company further strengthened the fire safety awareness of employees and improved the ability to respond to emergencies. At 4 pm on March 21, the company organized the workshop supervisors and groups of the manufacturing department. Long and new employees conduct fire drills. First of all, the fire control personnel explained in detail from the introduction and use of fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting methods and precautions, fire hazards, emergency self-help common sense, etc., with high practicability and operability, enriching the fire protection knowledge of employees; Conducted actual drills and held a variety of fire extinguisher fire drills on the playground. The process emphasized the use of various fire extinguishers and precautions. The workshop personnel took turns to practice the operation until they mastered the use of fire extinguishers.
       The fire drill is designed to prevent problems before they happen. The company has always regarded safety as the top priority of the company. Safety production is the top priority of the company. The company holds fire protection training and drills from time to time, and passes fire protection knowledge training and on-site simulation exercises. To create a safe and harmonious working environment for the majority of employees.