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Jingjin Company 2018 Annual Meeting Awards Summary and Youth Year Dinner

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On January 15th, Jingjin Company held a 2018 annual meeting awarding summary and group dinner with the theme of “pragmatic, honest, and grateful” in the lobby of the first floor of the Wei Ke Dao Hotel in Shunde District. Although the wind was cold, the interior was warm. Like Chun, all the staff laughed and laughed. At the dinner, Lin Cong, Chairman of Jingjin Company, delivered a speech, summed up the achievements of the company in the past year, expressed his appreciation and praise for the hard work and professionalism of all employees, and expressed his beautiful outlook for 2019. And sent a wonderful New Year greeting to all the staff.

        During the dinner, Chen Yuanbin, deputy general manager, commended the outstanding employees and awarded them a prize. Next, they won the lucky draws for the first, second and third prizes. The winning employees all took the stage and took photos with the company leaders. The whole annual meeting The process fits the theme of “pragmatic, honest, and grateful” and demonstrates the company's rapid development and steady development. At the same time, employees have enhanced friendship and enhanced cohesion.
On January 15th, Jingjin Company held a 2018 annual meeting awarding summary and group dinner with the theme of “pragmatic, honest, and grateful” in the lobby of the first floor of the Wei Ke Dao Hotel in Shunde District. Although the wind was cold, the interior was warm. Like Chun, all the staff laughed and laughed. At the dinner, Lin Cong, Chairman of Jingjin Company, delivered a speech, summed up the achievements of the company in the past year, expressed his appreciation and praise for the hard work and professionalism of all employees, and expressed his beautiful outlook for 2019. And sent a wonderful New Year greeting to all the staff.
        During the dinner, Chen Yuanbin, deputy general manager, commended the outstanding employees and awarded them a prize. Next, they won the lucky draws for the first, second and third prizes. The winning employees all took the stage and took photos with the company leaders. The whole annual meeting The process fits the theme of “pragmatic, honest, and grateful” and demonstrates the company's rapid development and steady development. At the same time, employees have enhanced friendship and enhanced cohesion.