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Advantages of AEE Lithium Ion Polymer Power Battery
Lithium polymer battery long life, high safety.
Advantages of AEE Lithium Ion Polymer Power Battery
Lithium polymer battery long life, high safety.
Consistency is the key to solve the core
Electric car batteries more and more for the structure of combination of battery consistency, require very high single core bad will cause the battery unusable. Therefore AEE successfully developed good consistency, self-discharge small electric car PMH2E, with PFHR2E battery series.
Advanced BMS battery management system
Advanced BMS battery management system, can control batteries were not overcharge, put, over-current, overheating, the biggest advantage is static and dynamic balance, improve battery consistency, thus greatly improve the use of battery reliability.
Lighter weight, smaller modules
Lithium polymer battery is the lightest weight smallest secondary battery, module.
Eight advantages of AEE Lithium Ion Polymer Power Battery
1. High Reliability, Excellent Safety Performance
2. High Design Flexibility
3. Long cycle Life
4. Excellent High & Low Temperature  Performance, etc
5. More Compact and Light Weight Module
6. Environmental Friendly
7. Better solution to polymer solution problem
8. Totally resolved the leaking problem at terminals side



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