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Attend the 25th annual world congress and exhibition electric car


 2010 on November 5-8, Chinese auto engineering society and by China electrotechnical society, the asia-pacific electric car association, guangzhou and sea exhibition Co., LTD, undertaking, the 25th world congress and exhibition electric in shenzhen international conference and exhibition center was held. This exhibition is held in countries all large international exhibitions, the exhibition of the vehicle and auto parts and auxiliary infrastructure facilities and other things, show countries latest technical achievements and future development trend, their authority, prospective, strategic much countries, all favour, have important demonstration, the leading role and radiation, diffusion, promotion function. That first held in China this year, our company is take the high standard and large booth participation, 108 square meters show our latest research about electric vehicle power battery series the development direction, attracted a BMW, marks, Volvo and so on many domestic and foreign automobile enterprise's attention. At the same time, dr ChenGuangSen Lord of the exhibition also BBS on each enterprise and media published about lithium battery future development and planning, received many each big media reports. This exhibition display AEE the true face and strength, let numerous automobile enterprise is really understood the true condition. We Also show a useless in the future will be in a energy at a dizzying pace on lithium battery industry development.




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