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AEE firmly establish "people-oriented"concept, and constantly deepen the human resource management system, create a good environment for accelerating the growth of talent personnel restructuring and optimization of human resources, strong culture, the introduction of much-needed business development professionals; Establishment and development of the company meet the requirements of personnel training, selection, evaluation and incentive mechanism; build a reasonable structure, professional support and sufficient quantity of high-quality personnel.

Company in different positions and functions of employees with competitive remuneration, and shall protect the lawful rights and interests of employees, safety, rest, leave and social insurance; companies to promote the efficiency of priority, taking into account the principle of fairness, encourage employees to pay for more work .

Company adhere to the people-oriented, harmonious development of the corporate culture, to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of all employees of the team concept and code of conduct that all employees must act to protect the interests of the company, socially responsible, as the fundamental starting point.

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