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Power battery

Power battery

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       AEE has been successful in promoting our power batteries to the battery market. AEE being the largest power battery supplier in Europe with market shares of 20-30%. Thirdly, AEE cooperate with several well-known local and overseas automobile manufacturers to develop battery products and had submitted battery samples for testing. Fourth, AEE power battery has excellent safety performance and high cycle life, it is capable of passing 1C/10V overcharge test and long cycle life of 2000-3000. Low failure rate, good stability & safety compliance for automobile are assured. Fifth, AEE Battery has good uniformity performance achieved throught stringent process control to assure the consistency of each individual cell in the battery pack. We able to balance the cells in both static & dynamic states via BMS to solve cell self-discharge problem. Sixth, our battery module design is able to reduce the possibility of battery from external damages, lower battery quality issues and enhance battery cycle life. With advanced BMS & Mini USB for communication, therefore it is convenient for battery maintenance and monitoring


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